One day, back in the recent past
John and Colin politely asked
If we could go on a gentle ride,
Having our coffee and lunch roadside.
This became a regular stint,
Gently paced, never a sprint.
Off we trundled to explore the byways
Settling to have our rides on Thursdays.
Soon we were joined by Simon and Mal
Their cheerful banter raising morale.
When they suggested a name we listened
It was Camrollers we were christened.
Others soon came along to join us
Their age and ability deemed superfluous
All you needed was a bike and the thrill
Of finding new routes and struggling uphill.
Along came Bill, Barney, Joe and two Mikes
Each of them with their well travelled bikes.
Then others – too many to name although
We mustn’t forget our Anne, Jean and Jo.
A couple opted to go electric
Their energy kinetic, their pace hectic.
All very well, by and large
Unless their batteries run out of charge.
And soon the members of our club
Ditched bus shelters for cafe and pub.
Enjoying coffee and delicious gateaux
Followed later by the local brew.
Our lunchtime conversations lively, eclectic.
Europhiles mixing it with those more skeptic.
And then on to explore more countryside
Before going home to rest sore backside.
Thankyou to our leaders, those trusted guides
For all our many and varied rides.
And looking forward to having plenty
Of enjoyable rides in twenty twenty.